Inclusion Policy

  • Here is the best way we can explain our vision for promoting equity (with potential for flaws and inelegant phrasing):
    • We recognize that BIPOC visibility is even more of a problem in Portland due to the state's racist history. We want to prioritize BIPOC because we recognize that poets who do not have white-passing privilege face more barriers to visibility in events like this. With that in mind, we are reserving 50% of spaces at registration rates of $5. If $5 is a barrier, please let us know in the application.
    • We recognize that poets who are trans, non-binary, or disabled face barriers of their own in being represented. This is our first festival and though we have limited spaces now, we will work to have more discounted spaces with each following year.
    • These spaces will be reserved until the day before the festival. If we don't fill every BIPOC-reserved space, we will make those available to everyone at full price ($15-25).