Pamela Santos


Pamela is a Queens-reppin’ multidisciplinary artist and producer in Portland. She holds poetry sacred; as a site for infinite imaginings of the self and the communal body, poetry offers a language of lineage and kapwa that Filipinx in the Diaspora can share with one another. Her multilingual Pinayorker poems have appeared or will be forthcoming in Unchaste Anthology Volume 2, Stoked Words, Anomalous Press, and Newtown Literary. You can get her book SECRET LUMPIA at WPF.

Cosper Onstott


Cosper is visual artist and poet living in a little blue house full of rowdy, non-human animal friends. They grew up in Portland and attended Parsons School of Design in New York City. They graduated from last year's IPRC Certificate Program in Poetry. They recently self-published “Palm Sized Volcano," their first poetry chapbook, as well as an experimental creative writing game called “Sugar, Porridge, Spoons." They believe that creativity is a spiritual act that brings us closer to our humanity. It is thier current mission to encourage my community (and myself) to practice the arts in a manner that is full of healing and self-compassion.